About Us

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka is continually evolving and fast becoming recognised as one of the most innovative travel brands in Sri Lanka and the region. We are excited to work on our new product launch, Travel X Peria, an innovative and game-changing all-in-one travel platform seamlessly merging with the state-of-the-art AI-powered trip planning and gamified social media integration.

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka is truly 100% Sri Lankan owned and operated with our three hands-on directors having over 50 years of combined expertise in delivering quality and enriching journeys for their clients.

Our young, vibrant, energetic and fun team of travel professionals are genuinely enthusiastic about bringing the very best of our wonderful homeland to you.

“TTC” are Sri Lanka specialists in Sri Lanka.
As we say: We live it. You’ll Love it!

Sri Lanka is a spectacular destination and also an incredibly diverse one. As are our visitors!

It’s with great pride & pleasure that we design every itinerary with care and attention to detail. The end result is the most creative & enjoyable tailored experiences for all of our valued guests.

Original & creative

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka ensures you consistently get the very best on the marketplace. We deliver content that is beyond the ordinary. Our style is unique and unashamedly do things differently.

Approachable & a pleasure to do business with

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka ensures you consistently get the very best on the marketplace. We deliver content that is beyond the ordinary. Our style is unique and unashamedly do things differently.

Flexible & fast

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka ensures you consistently get the very best on the marketplace. We deliver content that is beyond the ordinary. Our style is unique and unashamedly do things differently.

Happiness & satisfaction beyond expectations

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka ensures you consistently get the very best on the marketplace. We deliver content that is beyond the ordinary. Our style is unique and unashamedly do things differently.

Dependable & reliable

We have a proven track record of superbly hosting hundreds thousands of guests from around the world in Sri Lanka each year. Each one receiving personal & attentive TTC hospitality !

Competitively priced & best value

Our solid relationships with our local partners stretch over decades of working closely with each other, bringing you depth & overall better value, far beyond any “OTA”


Our team is authentic and 100% committed to looking after our beautiful country: both Mother Nature & all those living & visiting here and stretching beyond our stunning shores.


The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka (TTCSL) commenced trading at a Regus office in Colombo 4 in 2015 Having carefully managed the business to make a profit in the first financial year (which was a testament to their fresh
approach), they soon expanded to an office in Colombo 7.

Today, they are based centrally in Union Place, where the corporate atmosphere reflects their energetic and dynamic culture.
The three Directors; Chamara, Chandana & Laahiru, mutually agreed to reinvest the profit for five years, which enabled them to continue operations across the country and survive while maintaining their strong & dedicated team during the major 2019 tourism downturn.

The Company

Anyone who is familiar with the industry in Sri Lanka and the region will know it’s unnecessarily full of red tape, corporate boundaries, sluggish business structures and much of the final decision making is required to be made offshore.

Laahiru, Chandana & Chamara all wanted to work in a much more agile, collaborate environment and truly be a successful, 100% Sri Lankan entity.

They knew they could collectively do it differently to the status quo, elevate themselves and make a difference. It’s with this immense passion and their depth of travel trade expertise that ignited the “TTC” business and fuels the continued growth & success of not only the company, though also the team and its respected business partners.

Today, The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka is recognised as creating & delivering the most innovative and the best solutions of Sri Lanka tourism products to the global marketplace.

The beauty of the three Directors’ relationship lies in their friendship, rapport, trust, loyalty, respect & mutual understanding; with an undying passion & belief in each other individually and as a partnership to fulfil their commitments to create a thriving TTC. Unlike the founders of Apple, this three and their respective families are even closer and more excited about the future than ever before.

Starting off by doing thorough research and their “due diligence”, all three then took time out to do some soul searching.

It took many months of discussions and meticulous planning to ensure their vision would become an attainable & secure reality.

There were many late nights, usually at Laahiru’s home, working out exactly what needed to be done and overcoming the many obstacles that presented themselves. All three are eternally grateful for the unequivocally support & motivation they received from their partners, families, friends & industry allies (and maybe some local arrack on the way!). Even at the toughest times, they made sure they were having fun. After all, they are in tourism to bring enjoyment and add value to everyone; including their counterparts, clients and valued guests.

By taking a disciplined approach to roll the company out, the trio carefully structured and executed a phased rolled out, ensuring nothing was missed out and everything was actioned precisely on time. It’s with this incredible attention to detail & dedication that The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka is still managed today.

Looking back, their hearts are filled with nothing but pure joy. They felt so proud as their first guests (from the Middle East & UK) arrived and now chuckle reflecting on how tense all three grown men were, considering they had been doing this successfully all their lives and had it all perfectly arranged.

Ongoing, the team at The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka know that there is no room for complacency. They will continue to drive the business by their own set of values and live each day with the vitality, determination & enthusiasm they have become known for: the goal being to have thousands more travellers fall in love with them and their island home, Sri Lanka.

The Directors

Lahiru Jayamanne – Managing Director

Lj as most of his industry friends call, caries 25 years of hospitality experience. From a Management trainee just after school at Jetwing to a senior manager and a General Manager at Diethelm Travels Sri Lanka, Hemas PLC, Laahiru has handled flight operations, BENALUX countries, India, Middle East, China and in general Asia. In addition to tourism operations, he has also got involved in strategic business planning,
Sales and Marketing,administration, financial planning and acquisition evaluations.

Holds an MBA (Artificial Intelligence), Coventry University, UK, MBA in Business, Mahathma Ghandi University, India, Member of CIM, UK, Diploma in Business Administration at Sri Jayawardenapura University. Winer of best business plan, JETGEM – Tourism Management Course (2002), Winner of CEO award at Hemas PLC 2014.  He enjoys, traveling with his wife & 3 sons, enjoy food, specially his wife’s homemade cooking and reading. He is also in a mission to discover the real essence of Buddhism and it’s scientific explanations on life, universe and their natural order.

Chandana Nanayakkara – Executive Director

Chandana’s passion is everything to do with Japan which reflects in his work in the Japanese market , with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry is now a known professional in far east countries ( Specially Japan ). Having completed his secondary education at De Mazenod college Kandana he graduated from Tokyo college of commerce. Chandana loves travelling and food , both of which he explores every chance he gets , Also an avid reader of books In weekends you can find him in a distinctive red jersey supporting Manchester united where ever he is .

Nishanka Chamara – General Manager: Admin & Operations

Chamara has been in the travel trade for nine years & was able to touch different parts of the world such as Middle-Eastern , Indian & Chinese markets . He holds Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing ( Edexcel , UK ) & MBA ( Metropolitan , UK ) He is passionate about people, their lifestyles and different cultures and he loves listening to life stories, experiences and history of different cultures. He is a talented guitarist/singer, loves food, exploring new cuisines and driving long distances in lesser known roads. Cricket is his life and breath; he follows every match to every intricate detail and spends most of his free time watching old cricket match clips on YouTube.

TTC & Responsible Tourism

The only thing we want to leave is a positive impact. Far from it just being a “trend”, each-and-every-one of us at TCC Sri Lanka genuinely champion “Responsible Tourism” and contributing to the Environment, Community & Animal welfare.
TTC works with likeminded partners & individuals across the country to ensure we are protecting the places we explore and creating initiatives that make a genuine difference, today and for the future. We encourage our travellers to learn and be part of this ongoing commitment.
By starting your Sri Lankan journey with The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka, you will be able to understand the impact your travels will be having here, even before you’ve arrived…


With our team and network having such a great national outreach, we are in the position to assist communities across Sri Lanka and supporting the sustainable growth of the local economies.
Rather than simply donating funds to a high-profile cause, TTC are actively involved in initiatives that we can see measurable benefits to the local communities, without disrupting them.


By booking through The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka, you are in the hands of only ethical & reliable suppliers. We have built our relationships over decades of working in the local tourism industry and becoming a trusted & highly respected partner. We continually grow these by developing attractions that highlight our unique culture and natural diversity, allowing our guests to experience Sri Lanka in a way that is more meaningful and authentic.


There is absolutely no doubt about it: Sri Lanka is absolutely stunning with a natural habitat that is breath-taking. Where else can you in one single day be on a safari one moment spotting leopards, bath at a refreshing natural waterfall and later be on a beautiful beach watching the whales during their migration?
From our lush jungles to the clear waters & coral reefs, from misty highland forests to our fascinating mangroves, we have so much natural beauty to share, and protect.
Like most developing nations across the globe, Sri Lanka’s environmental problems have escalated and we are also vulnerable to climate change.
Despite efforts by the government, there is a lack of public awareness and participation in solutions to combat environmental issues (in particular in the remote areas).
As a guest of The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka, you are helping make a positive impact in many ways.

Animal Welfare

No animal exploitation. TTC guests will see and experience wild animals ethically and in their natural habitat. Genuine sanctuaries & rescue centres are few and far between. Our animal experiences are always managed with the appropriate care by trusted professionals such as expert guides, local farmers, NGOs, scientists, vets and wildlife photographers.

Introducing our latest upcoming product: Travel Xperia

The product offers a dynamic all-in-one travel platform, seamlessly merging with state-of-the-art AI-powered trip planning and gamified social media with mobile accessibility. Travellers can dream, plan, book and share their journeys, while hosts and content providers engage creatively, fostering an inclusive and innovative travel community creating lifelong memories for every traveller making each journey an unforgettable adventure.