TTC’s Top Ten for a Fantastic Family holiday

The team at The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka are the maestros in creating the very best family holidays in Sri Lanka.  We’re experts as we have kids ourselves (and they tend to be the toughest critics!).

Here’s our Top 10 on what makes our itineraries for the holidays spot-on:

1.An easy destination

Sri Lanka is just a hop, skip and a jump away and is the perfect destination for a wonderful & enriching family holiday

Where else can you enjoy walking through a jungle with monkeys swinging-by , swimming at waterfalls, seeing whales and having an evening safari watching elephants roam freely while being on the look-out for the elusive leopard, all in one day?

2.Being organised

We take the “hit and miss” out of travel by doing all the planning from the moment you step out in to the chaos of the airport’s arrival hall to moment when there will be sad farewells as you head home.

The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka provides detailed documentation and tailors itineraries to suit each and every family and each and every member of the family.

Will there be meltdowns if Wi-Fi is not available?  Let us know!  Sri Lanka has an amazing effect on kids – they tend to put their devices away! (we can’t say the same about our own kids however!)

There’s only one thing for guests to do – enjoy!

3.Preparing the kids before

In addition to the detailed itinerary that has full information (including travel times and expected times for meal breaks etc), The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka’s “Ceylon Ranger” will provide kids with a travel log

to keep track of their quests (and on completion they receive a badge and certificate) and other useful information.

4.Trying new things

The team at The Travel Concierge Sri Lanka know how to delight their young visitors.  It could be as easy as trying a new fruit such as the wood apple or to go riding on a three-wheeled tractor.

We know the tricks to put smiles on faces and how to make the most of every moment.

 5.Catching up with other kids

Culturally Sri Lankans are very family orientated & hospitable.  Throughout our travels there are a lot of opportunities for kids to hang out with each other.  Village cricket anyone?

 6.Letting it be all about them

Sometimes it’s good for the parents to take a back seat and make it all about the kids (well, at least look that way!).  It may be letting them lead the way while cycling in the countryside or participating in a treasure hunt…

7.Doing things out of the ordinary

We’re all about helping creating wonderful memories and in Sri Lanka we have an abundance of activities that the family most likely won’t have done at home, such as going on a bullock cart ride or sleeping in a mudhouse.  We guarantee absolute delight throughout your stay with us.

8.Make a splash!

Welcome to the tropics!  We know that if there’s one thing that keeps kids entertained and keeping a cool head – it’s water!  Most of the hotels we choose have a pool and if they don’t, they probably have the beach or a lake on the doorstep…

9.Downtime for Mum & Dad (or Mum & Mum and Dad & Dad)

It’s a holiday after all!  It’s not necessary for everyone to be living in each other’s shoes for the duration of the holiday.  Children’s activities such as a roti cooking or a nature class with a safari ranger can be organised to give parents time to catch up on important things, such as an Ayurveda spa treatment.   Reliable babysitters/child minders are available at night to enable parents to enjoy relaxing drinks & dinner etc

 10.Food Glorious Food

There’s no better way to bond than over food!  We’re able to cater for all dietary requirements, likes & dislikes.  Even the fussiest of eaters tend to find something about Sri Lankan food they love (often when Mum’s not looking!).  The fresh local fruits such as bananas & pineapples are usually a hit and egg & string hoppers become a family favourite more often than not.   And we won’t be running out of healthy snacks!

Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

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